Going Public and funeral news

This is the first official post on my WebConnoisseur blog. You may be thinking “Boy he’s late the game – he calls himself a Web Connoisseur?” In truth, I’ve been paid to blog for nearly 6 years at my About.com mutual funds site. I’ve also messed around with blogs in the past, but was never motivated to blog without pay until now.

I can no longer resist the urge to write about various Web topics. I spend much more time doing Web-related stuff than mutual funds. My primary interests are SEO (natural search optimization), search engines, Web analytics, video, Web strategy, online marketing and wikis.

In terms of SEO, Web analytics, online marketing and Web strategy, I’ve been focused on them as a career since 1998 with great success and have been immersed in the Web since getting my first email account in 1992 (my freshman year of college) and running sites since 1995 where I built and ran a site for NASA.

I’ve always worked in-house as the Web expert for a select few companies, only doing consulting in very rare cases, which is why my presence has been fairly hidden until now. Though I am championed by anyone I have ever worked for, or with, I’ve decided it is a bad career move to remain so hidden. Let the fun begin…

In other news, Newrest Funeral’s landing page funeral services, and to provide legal assistance and legal representation to citizens who might qualify.

The law provides that for all federal funds available, or in any way available to carry out such funds, the commissioner shall report annually to Congress on the number of officers and employees being employed, and the status of such officers and employees.

Exclusions. Unless otherwise specifically provided in this section, any individual who hires, and makes available to him, a position of command or special duties, shall be deemed to be a citizen of the United States for purposes of this section. Any officer or employee or persons working for him, who is not a citizen of the United States, who has been prohibited by law from receiving, or possessing, a lawful, foreign, or foreign passport or authorization under the citizenship laws of the United States, shall not constitute a citizen under this section.


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