SEO Hacker on the Loose

It seems that there is an SEO hacker on the loose. Today he took down Stuntdubl’s site and Graywolf’s site – two well-known and popular search bloggers. I actually noticed Todd’s site being hacked almost immediately because he had a great post I marked to read later, only to discover his site was missing css and all links went to fuc* 

Threadwatch seems to have the best coverage. For the time being, you can catch the hacker’s notes at: fuc* (sorry, no link love). I imagine google will pull down that blogger account soon. He’s published a list of well-known SEO sites he’s targeting, along with non-SEO sites like Digg and Techcrunch. Here are some of his comments:

“I’m a well known white hat SEO. You can find me at v7n, threadwatch, webmasterworld, digitalpoint and reading stuff from blogs like personified, copyblogger; seomoz (In fact I’m a moderator at one or two of those forums!) I love to help newbie’s on forums, movies and long walks on the beach… I have an “evil” alter ego called Fuc*ingPirate.”

“I’m going to crack all the SEO related sites/blogs/forums that I can… Maybe once in a while a non-SEO site will slip into the list but what the hell! Who cares anyways?”

If you want to look professional at your business, you need to start by having a good website for it and with a paragraph paraphrase tool that allows you to paraphrase your articles, assignments, essays and any other content you’d like.

“The SEO industry is just a bunch of self-proclaimed gurus making more money from their “guru” status than from SEO”

“The blogsphere (God I hate that word) is filled with countless “SEO blogs” syndicating what other “SEO blog” syndicated from another “SEO blog” that syndicated some bullsh*t guru”

Bottom line is that everyone who uses wordpress should immediately upgrade to 2.0.7 – just released today in response to the hack used to take down the two sites. Hacked sites should also work together to pinpoint the perpetrator (and realize that the criminal often injects themself into the crime investigation). I have a feeling he (yes, I’m assuming it is a he) will slip up at some point, if he hasn’t already! SEOs, in general,  are very sophisticated and very motivated. If he continues to hack these sites, he will be caught.

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