Ebay Promoting Reggie Bush

Does Ebay read the news? Apparently not. We’ll see if they change their homepage on Monday. Take a look at what is on their homepage right now:

Reggie Bush on Ebay Homepage

The promo points to here.

On Friday, Yahoo Sports broke the news that Reggie Bush received over $100,000 in financial benefits while playing for USC. There will, undoubtably be an investigation, but Yahoo already put in an 8-month investigation that looks pretty solid. Reggie Bush will likely lose his Heisman and USC could lose their National Championship, but what will be even more interesting to me is to see what the NCAA and Pac-10 do. As a Husky fan, I saw the UW burn when Billy Joe Holbart received a $20k loan from his Uncle to buy a car. What seems like peanuts compared to the treatment Reggie Bush & family received from two marketing agents, resulted in severe penalties which lead to a legend coach resigning and severe scholarship reductions which essentially destroyed the team. Will U$C face similar or more severe penalties? We’ll see.

I’m a bit off topic, but it seems like Ebay should pay attention to the news and know what is being displayed on their homepage. They have plenty of other charity auctions to promote. It seems ironic to be asking for money for a person who is involved in a major financial scandal right now.

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