SMX Advanced Tips Part Deux

Last year, I gave out some SMX attendee tips which still apply to the 2nd installment this year.

smx advancedOutside of those tips, this year I recommend using the SMX Connect service by Crowdvine to learn about and pre-set up the people you want to meet. Unfortunately, not everyone is using it, so I also recommend doing what I did last year and am doing with this post: write about SMX Advanced & link to others who are writing about attending as well. I meet some great people last time who I am still closely connected with after doing so.

Other’s excited about attending SMX Advanced whom I don’t believe I’ve met yet:

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  1. Hey Dustin. Thanks for responding to my blog post on our EngineWorks site announcing my presentations at SMX Advanced tomorrow. Please seek me out after final panel, which culminates at 4:30pm. Looking forward to forging a new profession relationship with you. See you then.

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