How to Make $$$ with Your Computer
Finally! A guaranteed way to make $$$ with your computer- no strings attached!

That's right! You can makes lots of $$$$$ using the simple method described below. There is no secret to this method, it has been around for hundreds of years - before computers even existed! Read all about it below.

People have been making $$ this way for a long time - in fact, it is estimated that over $ 100 trillion has been made this way by hundreds of millions of people.  Don't worry this is not complicated - everything is completely automated and you won't have to sink any money into it.  Follow these simple steps and you are guaranteed to make $$$:

Take a look at the box below.  Simply click your mouse cursor inside the box.

Now that your cursor is blinking inside the box, it is time to get to work:

  • Hold down the shift button on your keyboard.
  • While holding this button, locate the "4" key on the upper left-hand side of the keyboard.
  • Click the "4" key 3 times and take a look at the box above.

Congratulations!  You have just made $$$!  See how simple it was.  To make lots of $$$, repeat the same steps.  You can even try it on your favorite email program or word processor.

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This humor was originally from my funds site.