The Making of "The Mountain Slug" 
Our entry to the Mountain's Cardboard Sled Derby Contest!

Built by: Dustin, Katie, Matt and Mark


The idea was to build a sled made purely of cardboard, tape and glue.

The sleds had to be taken up to the mountains to be raced in a heated competition against other sled builders and cheered on by sled-building wanna-be's.

Matt and Dustin building the base


Temporary wire mold
For purposes of aerodynamics, space-optimization, localization and "cuteness," we decided to build a slug!

Once completed, the base was 3 inches thick.

We built a wire mold to support the soon-to-be slug body.



We then wrapped the first layer of "skin" around the chicken wire and held it together with duct tape (we figured if it is strong enough to hold up most bumpers in Federal Way, it is strong enough for our sled).

Sluggy spent about a month in our living room.  He wasn't always pretty -- see the next page)

The first layer of skin

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