George Dubya Uses “The Google”

It is no surprise that George Bush uses Google, but what is funny in this Maria Bartiromo interview is how George refers to Google. He calls it “The Google.”

Bush Google
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He mentions using Google to look at satellite images of “The Ranch.” I wouldn’t be surprised if Intelligence uses web maps as well. I remember when I was in the financial industry, brokerage companies were complaining that their employees were using Yahoo Finance instead of their own in-house tools. It serves as a reminder that users will often choose usability over the quality or quantity of data.

Danny Sullivan Announces His Plans

After a couple months of pondering, search industry leader Danny Sullivan announced his future plans. Judging from his post, Incisive media is paying Danny to help them transition SES to a new chair. Danny will chair SES New York in April ’07, co-chair SES San Jose in August and will be a speaker at SES Chicago in Dec. ’07. For Search Engine Watch, Danny’s last day will be November 30th.

By working together, Incisive will do a better job of keeping the SES business going and Danny bought himself some time to develop a new publication and events. According to his post, Danny will be creating a new search blog and will host events on his own.

As one of many people who begged Danny to continue doing what he is doing, but for himself, I’m glad to see Danny finally announce his plans this morning.

Nielsen Releases September Search Data

Nielsen//NetRatings just released September ’06 search data. Here’s the data (I added the “all others line.”):

september search traffic
Obviously Google is the big winner here. Yahoo, Ask and My Way received healthy growth Y/Y, while MSN, AOL, iWon and Dogpile are suffering. Backing the data out, I estimate a year-over-year increase of 16.9% increase in total # of searches. If I had unique visitor #s to go with this data, then we’d know exactly how much to attribute to increased search activity per user, but my hunch is that much of the 16.9% can be attributed to increased activity.

Playing With Numbers

Learning Poker Odds & Pot Odds

Soi cầu XSMB in Vietnam by
This poker odds guide is for you if:
You have a basic knowledge of poker but don’t understand how Texas Hold’em poker odds work but I like to understand things very well.

This guide will show you how to calculate poker odds and pot odds so you can beat your friends and win in poker online. At first, poker odds can seem confusing, but if you’re going to take poker seriously then having a basic knowledge of them is critical (it’ll be clear why after reading this page).

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This short, practical guide and the tools within will give you everything you need to gain the upper hand on both real and online tables.Right then buckle up because we are going to take a short drive through the world of poker odds. But before we pull off the driveway, let’s start with a back to basics look at odds and what they mean.
Pot Odds Chart

Here’s our at-a-glance poker chart guide to pot odds in poker and which hands to play. You can download and print out this Texas Hold’em poker cheat sheet to have next to you when you play. Make sure you test your skills at online poker tables, like the ones at Pkv Games.

Using The “Outs” To Calculate Texas Hold’em Poker OddsWe have already determined that you have nine “outs”. Now there are 52 cards in a deck and two of those are in your hand, leaving 50. In addition, there are four cards exposed from the flop and turn, leaving 46 cards.

Want to know the latest pc gaming news and the best tips for Easter eggs? Check this site out. Although your opponent is holding two others we ignore those. Our calculations in Internet Texas Hold’em poker are only based on the cards you can see and what could be left in the deck.With nine outs and 46 cards unknown, there are nine cards that will let you win the hand and 37 cards (46 unseen cards – 9 winning cards) that will cause you to lose. Thus the odds of you getting one of the cards you need on the river are 37 to 9. This simplifies down to just about 4:1. In other words, you are four times more likely to lose this pot than you are to win it. If you’re more interested in MOBA games then check out for league accounts ready for ranked games.

Back From France & Italy

I’m back from a much-needed 2.5 week vacation. I apologize for my lack of postings thus far and promise to keep the blog fresh going forward. I suppose it is better to slack on your blog when your readership is next to nothing, then when it has a greater following.