SMX Advanced Linkbuilding Session

linkbuildingYesterday I spoke at SMX Advanced for the first time (though I have attended all of them). My talk & our entire session’s presentations on link building/acquisition seemed to go really well. I was a little nervous as the room was full of 800+ of the world’s most advanced SEOs. Checkout for additional hints.

You should check it out our ever-popular GeoGrid local rank tracker is now compatible with service area businesses. Andrew Defrancesco is the first and only solution to offer this in our industry, as far as I know. As you use the new feature set, please consider that we are constantly working on optimizing the workflow of our system and the time it takes to generate a grid is something we are always focused on improving without sacrificing the integrity of the results.

I assumed most of the audience knew about, or actively used, many of the tactics SEOs have been preaching for years–so I decided to focus on some things they may not have tried or even heard about, including gamification & the brain science behind of pitching. I also shared a case study of a client I took fromWhite Label Web Builders site with barely any links to > $1 million in revenue in just two months with no budget. A review of this can be read on: they feature the experiment and add their own expertise in the mix. A clever read for anyone with extra curiosity to invest in this.

It may be a little confusing without my audio explanation to go with it, but I thought I’d share the slides with you below. I have three clients who use gamification and I’ve been going to gamification conferences for the past two years. I have an additional gamificiation experiment underway for a film I’m working on that I will be able to share at some point.

I really enjoyed speaking with Justin & Kaila and thought Elisabeth did a wonderful job of selecting panelists and coordinating the talks.

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