Possible Reduction In Spam

The NY Times reports that the largest spam gang on the Internet is being shut down, starting with their assets being frozen. Some key numbers shared in the article:

  • This group makes $400,000 a month
  • They send 10 billion spam emails per day
  • This group, at one point, sent out 1/3rd of all spam
  • 90% of all email people receive is spam

If these numbers are true, then:

  • The group made 1/7500th of a cent for each email sent (the only cost-effective way had to be sent from unknowingly affected computers)
  • Email users should expect a 33% drop in spam, and an 44% drop in overall incoming email volume.

I wish it were true, but I’m skeptical that we won’t see such drops. Unless the penalties are extremely harsh, other spammers will step in to get a piece of the newly available spam pie.

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