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It seems a bit premature to have tips for the Search Marketing Expo considering the first-ever SMX doesn’t take place until next week, but it is taking place in my hometown and I’ve been to enough search conferences to know how to make the most of them.
Below are my tips for those who are new to search conferences and those who aren’t new to search conferences but are new to SMX (should be the rest of us). If you are new to search, I think you are at the wrong conference (SMX Seattle is geared towards advanced search marketers).

New to Search Conferences:

  • Some of the best search information is gained outside of the conference rooms – in hallways, at the parties and in the bars. Danny realizes this, and has set up three networking events. Attend them all.
  • Many of the brightest minds in search will be at this conference (both search engine employees and those whose lifeblood is tied to search). Listen and remember, not all experts will have a microphone in front of them, some will be sitting right next to you.
  • No matter how brilliant or “famous” the people at the conference may seem to you, don’t let that deter you from introducing yourself. I’ve found people in our industry to be incredibly welcoming. Remember, these people aren’t famous outside this industry and they are as much of a geek as you and I are.

New to SMX:

  • After being beautiful and in the 80s all week, the weather is expected to flip completely to rain on Monday and Tuesday. It’s really a conspiracy. Seattle wants out-of-towners to tell everyone it rains here all the time. Regardless, we’ll probably be spending most of our time indoors anyways.
  • The Bell Harbor conference center rocks. Great views and good location. Wifi is free, so bring a laptop so you can connect to the web during a conversation to show people what you are talking about.
  • Andy Beal claims he’ll be videotaping everything. Jump on camera if you’ve got a spare moment, but shoo him away if the camera is taming down your corner conversation. Don’t forget about the WebProNews guys either.
  • If you want to try a local favorite beer, ask for a Mac and Jacks (it’s only available on tap).

Other people excited about the upcoming SMX Seattle Conference:
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13 thoughts on “SMX Attendee Tips

  1. Anonymous

    Good tips! I’m looking forward to my first-ever trip to Seattle. See you there!

  2. Scott Clark

    Good stuff – hope to see you there! I’m so far behind on meeting some of the people I *regularly* converse with online that it’s silly. I’m thinking *overwhelming*

  3. Dustin Woodard

    After writing this post, I had several non-search people come to me telling me they were invited to attend the networking events for free. To be honest, I’m a bit dissapointed. I really wanted to network with just advanced search marketers, but there are several Seattle companies and organizations that have been given free or cheap passes and these are going to people who may know little to nothing about search. I’m hoping the actual conference attendees badges are clearly marked.

    Lisa, Scott & Andy: looking forward to seeing you all there!

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