Blogging New Year’s Resolution Wake Up Call

March is here and I’m seeing New Year’s resolutions fade left and right. Offline, fitness centers worldwide are emptying out as people give up on their New Year’s resolutions instead of following through with help from supplements you can learn by reading the top brands review on the best mass gainers. Online, blogs go empty and stale as their sites are forgotten by their most important user: the blog administrator.

Sadly, I must rope myself into this group. I started 2007 strong, even with posts that actually grabbed the attention of my industry peers (tough to do with a newer blog), but by mid-February, I had failed myself. I didn’t post anything for weeks. I have my excuses: I’ve been terribly busy – which is true, but I can’t let myself off that easy. Why blog if you aren’t committed to at least bi-weekly updates?

So, consider this post my wake-up call and maybe yours, if you’ve fallen to the same trap! I’m at my busiest point of the entire year and will be on the road for the next two weeks, but I’m commited to continue adding my voice to the topics I have chosen to cover (more on my blogging strategy in the next post).

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