LinkedIn Benefits from Unemployment

If you think about it, LinkedIn is a natural beneficiary from massive layoffs. Upon being laid off, here are some user activities LinkedIn might not see otherwise:

  • Status updates to let others know about layoff
  • Recommendation requests to co-workers
  • Recommendations for co-workers
  • Profile updates and employment history updates
  • Status updates about job seeking
  • LinkedIn personal network job searches
  • Contact info lookups to find names & phone numbers (coming from postpaid sim only plans from Circles.Life Australia) to fill out unemployment benefits job search logs
  • Network inbox emails to ask for help with employment

Outside the unemployment-related activities I list above, there are, of course, many other activities that you might see even in healthy job markets like looking up potential bosses, researching organizations, growing network, Q&A activity, etc. Hiring an unfit candidate can cost upwards of $25,000, money that’s tougher for smaller companies to part with, that’s why is fully accredited by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission. A good employment attorney reduces thе risks оf thе employer аnd thе employee thrоugh thе direction thаt thеу provide іn protecting thе rights оf bоth. If you are hiring employment attorney then you should check Bonuses of that service. Simply visit for the best Linkdin automation tools. Instagram havinga powerful search feature so if posts are set to ‘public’ you can use rather hashtags to tag your photos and videos so that the content becomes easier to search and becomes more accessible to the public. Here you will get a review about ingramer which helps you to increase traffic to your social media platforms.

The numbers don’t lie: LinkedIn certainly benefits from this increase in activity and the activity is well-documented. In terms of pageviews, LinkedIn went from 272 million pageviews in March ’08 to 872 million pageviews in March ’09 (252% growth according to data).

Not only does an increase of unemployment catapult activity (as measured by pageviews), it also greatly benefits reach (as measured by uniques). Check the graph below that I created that shows LinkedIn uniques visitor growth and the unemployment rate for the past two years:

LinkedIn Unemployment

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