LinkedIn Answers

January 4th, 2007
by Dustin Woodard

Yahoo Answers has been one of the most successful launches at Yahoo (and one of Google’s rare failures). Starting this morning, you can find “Answers” at the popular business networking site, LinkedIn. Take a look for yourself: LinkedIn Answers

Considering the quality of the business-minded network, LinkedIn Answers has the potential to do really well. However, the early questions could use some self-promotion spam filtering. I’d also like to see a search feature installed so you could search for specific questions or answers instead of browsing them.

Answering questions may be an excellent opportunity for some people to boost their career or “expert status,” but I urgeĀ  LinkedIn users to be cautious with their answers. Much like other things on the web, one little slip up could hurt your reputation down the road. LinkedIn Answers would not a good place to get involved in a flame thread. For those looking to boost their connection count, chiming in on a few question & answer sessions could help increase your exposure to new people.

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8 Responses to “LinkedIn Answers”

  1. SearchLvr Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to check it out. I wonder if spam will be a problem there eventually?

  2. Scott Allen Says:

    There already is. First off, see LinkedIn Answers or LinkedIn Spammers?

    Then take a look at the growing number of responses to my question, What do you think is the best way to stop people from spamming LinkedIn Answers?

    LinkedIn has already started taking action against several people, issuing warnings and suspending their accounts. They’ll need to come up with a more scalable approach.

  3. dustin Says:

    Thanks Scott. I thought you posed an excellent question, which is why I answered it almost immediately (you’ll notice I was the 6th person to answer it). Another issue is the “withdraw answer” feature. It makes spamming a less permanent mark on the user’s profile. LinkedIn will work the kinks out and when they do, I think it will greatly enhance the interest in the work that you do. I know I’ll be frequenting your site more often.

  4. Patrick Says:

    Consider me on the sidelines for now. I’m going to see how this new feature shakes out first. What’s to stop LinkedIn from adding a Digg-style thumbs up/down feature for people to rate your contribution? Maybe this “feedback” would find itself on your profile page down the line and impact your reputation.

  5. Rich Tatum Says:

    I prefer LinkedIn’s way or ranking answers over the Digg- or Tivo-style thumbs up/down solution. For LI, the person who asked the question rates and evaluates the answers, and one’s rated answers can lead to an “expert” status among various topics.

    I’ve answered 30 questions (to date), in hopes of improving my “status” for potential employers. I’ve even gotten an “expert” rating once or twice.

    Unfortunately, I can’t tell that it’s helped, or not.

    There are some deficiencies that have yet to be addressed, however, such as the absence of RSS feeds, the inability to search Q&A, the inability of the questioner to interact in the forum, the non-threaded view, and the stupefying redundancy of questions that have already been asked and answered previously.

    That said, it is promising, not because of the technology, but because of the expertise represented by having access to an expert community.



  6. Rich Tatum Says:

    Correction: I take that back. LinkedIn has quietly rolled out RSS feeds for each of its Q&A categories as well as enabled search within Questions.


  7. My LinkedIn Network Has Grown Says:

    [...] LinkedIn is definitely hitting critical mass. In the past couple months, I’ve seen tons of people jumping on the service. Social networking for business adults seems to have caught on. LinkedIn is doing a great job of staying focused on launching features that compliment their core focus. LinkedIn Answers is working well, groups are cool, recommendations make complete sense and the ability to find unbiased references when hiring people is awesome. [...]

  8. Mudassir Says:

    thanks for such an informative post.

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