10 Biggest Master Baiters in Search Called Out

Okay, I took the bait and entered Andy Beal’s SEM scholarship contest. I decided to have fun with it and wrote this entry:

The 10 Biggest Master Baiters in the Search Industry

Inside you will find who in the search industry I find to be the master link baiters. These are the people who are so good at this craft, even expert link baiters themselves can’t help but link to them. It was difficult to pick just ten, especially when there are more prominent figures that attract links by the thousands. Those who break news (think Danny Sullivan and Barry Schwartz) or are in prominent positions (think Matt Cutts or Jeremy Zawodny) are at an unfair advantage. I’m sure they would admit linkbaiting isn’t their primary skill (though I bet they are still experts in this area) and are probably happy to escape the list of having their name attached with “master baiter.”

So, please visit my entry and join the conversation. Who are the biggest master baiters? Also feel free to link to my entry and give the guys on the list a bad time:

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