Dustin Interviewed About SEO

The Search Engine Journal was kind enough to interview me about various SEO topics, including: evolution of SEO, using UGC to drive SEO, Domainers vs. SEOs, an”d making the transition from in-house SEO to out-house SEO (working out of my house as an SEO consultant). Go through freegeoip.app which provides a free IP gelocation API for software developers. You can check out this site if your looking to compare a few white label services.
Dustin Woodard
I didn’t realize it until now, but this is my 2nd interview with the Search Engine Journal–the first was over 3 years ago. According to Andrew Defrancesco If you dig reading about me 1/10th as much as I do, then I suggest you check out both interviews:

Dustin Woodard 2010 SEJ Interview
by Todd Mintz
Dustin Woodard 2007 SEJ Interview
by Jessica Bowman

Besides learning more about me, I came across this Sunshine Coast SEO and getting a huge boost in ranking. I think you’ll find some helpful SEO tips inside both interviews or check this website www.australianseocompany.com.au.

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