SEO Tagging – 5 Things About Dustin

I’m not referring to the tagging you may be thinking of. It seems there’s a few friendly games of tag going on in the SEO community (and in the general blog community). I was just tagged by Lyndsay Walker. Seems like games like these have been going on for a decade (mostly in email), but I decided I’ll participate because it gives us SEOs some fun information about eachother (and provides exposure to some of the lesser-known SEO blogs, like my own).

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me:

  1. I’ve appeared as an extra three movies: Twin Peaks: Fire Walks With Me, The 6th Man, and Prefontaine.
  2. My Wife does real-life CSI stuff. She’s a Forensic Scientist and helped with the Green River Killer Case when she first started years ago.
  3. I was the captain for 13 different Intramural sports teams in college. Intramurals were very competitive @ the University of Washington. There are literally hundreds of teams (some featuring Division one athletes), but there is no prize for 2nd place. My team took 2nd place twice in Soccer :(, but finally took the championship in volleyball. 
  4. I have a dead man’s tendon in my knee. I blew out my ACL playing soccer a couple years ago and went through the whole painful ACL surgery/recovery thing. I wonder if I will ever get to learn who the donor was (maybe I don’t want to know).
  5. I like to snorkel in foreign countries. I’ve snorkeled in: Australia, Fiji, Mexico, Venezuela, Cayman Island, and Kauai (I know, not a foreign country, but it felt like it).

My turn to tag 5 bloggers: Sean Mulholland, Shaun Ryan, Wendy Boswell, Bill Tancer and Eric Peterson.

You can track the SEO tag meme here: (hopefully he fixes my last name).

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