PubCon Experience

Thought I’d share my thoughts after attending my first Pubcon in November. Overall it was a great experience.

SES vs. Pubcon:
As a more advanced SEO, I must admit I like how SES has advanced level tracks. At PubCon panelists were often answering very basic questions, which I’ll admit are amusing, but of no value to a large percentage of the audience. As with SES, the networking and face-to-face time is what is of most value.

Search Industry
I really love this industry. Despite how competitive search marketers tend to be, people are very welcoming in person. You’d expect most SEOs to keep their strategies or tactics completely secret, but by sharing small nuggets with each other, friendly SEOs become even smarter, which is extremely important in this fast-moving highly complex industry.

Shout Out
I especially enjoyed my time with Neil & CameronMatt Tuens, Dave & Sally, Lyndsay, Sara W, Jessica B, Rob Snell and limited time with Rand and Joseph M. It was great to finally meet Todd Malicoat, Eytan, and HLM.

People who I didn’t bump into that I enjoyed spending time with at SES San Jose include: Danny S, Elisabeth O, Matt C., Greg Boser, Vanessa Fox (hopefully I’ll catch all of you at my next conference).

There are dozens of others I shared a meal or brief conversation with. Each conversation was a pleasure!

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