How to Make Money Using Twitter

March 31st, 2009
by Dustin Woodard

Can’t believe how many people scratch their heads trying to figure out how to make money using twitter when the formula is so incredibly simple. If you fall into this camp, let me share a little secret with you…

How to Make $$$ Using Twitter:

Follow these simple steps.

1. Open up your twitter account
2. Click on the dialog box to create a post.
3. Hold down your shift button on your keyboard.
4. While holding the shift button, carefully click on the 4 button exactly three times.

Congrats! You’ve successfully made $$$ on Twitter. Now go tell your friends that @webconnoisseur showed you how to make money using this easy tweet this link.

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  1. TweetJustice Says:

    That is the best summary of how to make money on Twitter I’ve read to date. Solid advice that is guaranteed to work!

  2. Karl Ribas Says:

    OMG! You are the shit!

  3. mosa3 Says:

    Ok, that was great! You really can make $$$ on twitter this way. So now I ask you how can I take this $$$ that I just made on twitter to a real bank for deposit to my account?

  4. a Says:

    u a$$hole

  5. prasanna Says:

    make more money with your twitter profile

  6. Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach Says:

    Too funny, thanks for sharing!!


  7. SEO India Says:

    I got it.thanks

  8. teja Says:

    4. While holding the shift button, carefully click on the 4 button exactly three times i dont get that pls email me to help

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  10. Randy Says:

    Only zipps would waste time showing how to make $$$$$ appear on their page.. To make real money, You need to offer a real item or service and then find people interested in it..

  11. Aaron Says:

    Funny stuff…here is how you can really make money with twitter…

  12. Blogging Contest Says:

    Damn!! You’re my man… This the fast methode to Make Money with Twitter Account.

  13. freelancer Says:

    hahahahaha… I think this is real funny idea to making money with twitter… good on your idea to making traffic… nice!

  14. Kamal Patel Says:

    Bravo…….Funny post

  15. Free Trial Net Says:

    Damn this is a great post lol thanks for sharing

  16. Ecommerce store website Says:

    Nice to see how the secret of making money with Twitter, anyway remember that don’t be excessive in it.

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  18. jamiu Says:

    funny posts.keep it up and give real solutions. My forum

  19. jcabaj Says:

    This is great way to earn money on Twitter. Good luck!

  20. syl Says:

    It didnt work.

  21. jamie marriner Says:

    hahaha fucking legend :L

  22. freelance jobs Says:

    Nice posting.. Great!

  23. Rahul Says:

    That’s great
    hope it wrks

  24. yogeshonline35 Says:

    Hi, i did not get idea, how to do this. could you please explain in detail, which button to click, which post dialog box to click.

  25. Webslinger Says:

    haha @ the people not getting the joke.

  26. faisal Says:

    nice posting…hahha

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  28. vivian Says:

    i cant gets…pls email,,the whole details thanks!!! :)

  29. Jerry Says:

    Ha Ha funny man! I think making any real money on twitter is pretty difficult. I’ve been trying for a while and it just hasn’t happened. I mean seems 9 out of 10 tweets are trying to get you to buy something. Oh well I know other ways to make some moola!!

  30. Y2J Says:

    What is the 4 button

  31. Lonnie Says:

    Now that was too funny! Thanks for sharing!

  32. Uptoo Says:

    Ha… It is what I have done. It is really an effective way of making money.. there on Twitter. $$$

  33. youngholliday/ Says:

    too funny how many of you actually tried this

  34. Says:

    too funny how many of you actually tried this…lmao

  35. steve adams Says:

    I will admit that made me laugh and not in the lol way but the actual action of laughing out loud :)

  36. RLRS Says:

    Wow really workz !!! thx a bunch cant wait 4 my check in da mail !!!

  37. nycpartylife Says:

    follow me on tweeter nycpartylife

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  39. ephraim hogan Says:

    please what 4 buttons will i click.
    i don’t know where and what 4 buttons to click..please help me.

  40. Douglas Anderson Says:

    This is certainly the best and most reliable technique for making money on Twitter, and easily worth the $47 I didn’t pay to learn it.

  41. JAMES Says:


  42. twitter-big-hitter Says:

    LOL….that really is easy…but in all honesty making real money on twitter is just about that easy as well lol

  43. george Says:

    oh my god i just made $$$ in 3 seconds imagine what i can do in 5 seconds thanks for the info

  44. kk Says:

    For me it is very much useful. but i want to know which 4 buttons to click

  45. John Maldini Says:

    are you joke…? So funny

  46. Steve Says:

    I do not understand the big hype over twitter. maybe im slow. it seems to me that twitter is just a glorified away message that has been a part of IM for a while. Couldn’t you do the exact same thing with your IM away message as you do with twitter? Couldn’t yahoo, msoft, aol, gtalk add this functionality pretty easy to their existing clients? educate me on what im missing..

  47. Ron Says:

    For those who did not get it. You are not going to make real money here okay, instead you are going to type “$$$” and there you go you instantly get “$$$”, get it now?

  48. ccmlc32 Says:

    HA,HA,HA there are really some people trying to figure out what 4 buttons to use!! lmfao

  49. Valentin Says:

    not understand

  50. BOB Says:

    THIS IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!

  51. Captain Says:

    holyshit.. hahaha..

  52. Bruce Bucks Says:

    It worked, I made more than $$, I made $$$$$$$$$ – probably because my keyboard was already trained to make money online!

  53. samand Says:

    It worked more me,$$$,cos i use to do it.

  54. laurize Says:

    so funny… is that true??? don’t think so…

  55. bundle Says:

    Oh I see….,hmmm……but…….can someone tell me how to make ‘$$$$’ on twitter, I just can’t figure it out. I always keep comming back at ‘$$$’

  56. Net Millionaire Says:

    Yes, it’s true you can really make money out of Twitter.

  57. senthil Says:

    For this stupid post so many fools giving comments. What to do? These kind of Idiots should be hanged!!!!!!!!!!

  58. John Paul Aguiar Says:

    Simple and

  59. Aggressive Recycler Says:

    Thanks, I tried this and it worked perfectly.

  60. Bill Alpert Says:

    This works on FB and many other social media sites too. Thanks!!

  61. Syairi18 Says:

    WTF! can tell me wat da 4 button is?! :(

  62. NvLs Says:

    haha great! i really make money with this tips!!!

  63. NvLs Says:

    great make money online!

  64. Richest Man In Twittylon Says:

    I knew there was a downside to the 140 character limit – now there’s a ceiling on my income. No matter how hard I try, I can never make more than $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  65. amago Says:

    You are awesome)))

  66. My Gamer Diary Says:

    Haha, very funny :)


  67. Eva Says:

    This is a joke? :)

  68. Maria Says:

    Eahhh…. Im a millionaire!!!

  69. Jason Says:

    You just made me rich. I love you.

  70. tucwebhost Says:

    can you real make money from twitter? is not hype system like facebook?

  71. Dave Griffiths Says:

    Works like a dream, I got $$$$ ! Thanks :) 0O- (@Bensonix of Twitter)

  72. steve Says:

    at last , a genuine way to make $$$ on Twitter…. LOL…

  73. Justas Says:

    Yes, it’s true you can really make money out of Twitter.

  74. Alina Angelucci Says:

    Hey bhzbig, very interesting post, it really got me thinking. Thank you. 41x3p

  75. JiAwe Says:

    I don`t understand the steps 3 and 4. I pressed Shift but nothing came out.

  76. rockyneverfails Says:

    i dont understand any thing, i am very urgency to earn money. please help me. i cant find out any dialog boxes in twitter. and where to make it all the things. how to redeem the me up frnds.

  77. tajir Says:

    LOL … thanks for making me laugh in this boring day !! best tip making $$ ever of this year, thanks !

  78. asd Says:


  79. quillforhire Says:

    LOL!!! $$$$ Yup, it works! ;)

  80. allaboutnewinfo Says:

    ahahha so lame, it doesnt work that way…this is a joke post

  81. techtikus Says:

    Hey I made $$$ money commenting on this post :p

  82. Koowie Says:

    OMG! Why didn’t I think of this!

  83. geoio Says:

    Thaks Ron, we got it! Very funny

  84. King khan Says:

    nice joke man 4 children hahah

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