I Read You, Little Pilgrim

Don’t worrry, I’m not quoting John Wayne. I’m simply stating that one of the search marketing blogs I read is Marketing Pilgrim. Andy is having a little “readership survey” that pays survey takers with a free link, plus a free entry to win $500 cash (hopefully USD). I figure I have a 1 in 50 chance in winning. It also means Andy is paying about $10 per survey taker.

The reason I use MarketingPilgrim.com is because they tend to cover stories quickly and deviate just the right amount from your standard search marketing publication. If I look at my feeds related to search, I have about 5 that are what I’d call news filters and Marketing Pilgrim is one of them. I love these news filters because it saves me a lot of time (much better than reading through hundreds of blogs and pubications).

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